The Run Plan


Friday July 20th – Sunday July 22nd

MA Rt 2/ N. Adams, MA/Southern Terminus – VT 11 & 30 / Bromley Mt

Total Distance Covered: 58 miles*



Saturday July 28th – Monday July 30th

VT 11 & 30 / Bromley Mt – US Rt 4 (Pico Peak) 

Total Distance Covered: 48 miles*

Total Mileage Covered by end of July: 106 miles, 166 miles left to conquer in August!! 



August 1st

Brandon Gap (approx. 18 miles)


August 11th

 VT 108 to Sterling Pond (approx. 3.6 miles)

(a shorter post-turning 35 birthday run…)


August 12th

Brandon Gap to Middlebury Gap (approx. 10 miles)

Bringing the total to 137.6 miles complete… which is almost exactly HALF WAY DONE!! 🙂   


Tuesday, August 14

Jonesville Road/US Rt. 2 – Nebraska Notch/Trout River Club (approx. 16 miles)


Wednesday, August 15

Nebraska Notch/Trout River Club – VT Rt 108 (approx. 10 miles)


Sunday, August 19

 Sterling Pond – VT Rt. 15 (approx 12 miles)


Monday, August 20 – Tuesday, August 21

App Gap – Duxbury Rd.  (approx 19 miles)


Friday, August 24 – Saturday August 25

Middlebury Gap – App Gap (approx 30 miles) 


Saturday September 1st – Monday September 3rd 

VT Rt 15/Johnson – Northern Terminus of the Long Trail/Canadian Boarder!! (approx. 50 miles)

*approximate mileage


2 thoughts on “The Run Plan

  1. Hi Beth!
    I’m excited to read about your run.
    I’m a nurse, too, and agree that big needs exist in the education and practice of preventative care.
    I start my hike of the Long Trail tomorrow, August 13, at the Mass/VT border. I hope to meet you somewhere along the journey. If not on the LT, then maybe at the community event on August 25th.
    Best wishes!
    Kay Willard

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