Despite having moved away from Vermont for a few years, I have always considered Vermont my second (albeit, adult) home.  I am so lucky to have so many wonderful friends who have either stayed, or, after travels and jobs, or education that took them elsewhere, have decided to move back and make Vermont their home.  Now that I am back too, I feel even more aware of the abundance of ties I have to Vermont and, especially, the strength of the community I choose to live within.

This year’s Olympics celebrated many endeavors, however, I believe the grandest one was that every country represented had a woman on their team.  Even a mere fifty years ago, in the United States, women were not allowed to participate in sporting events, like the Boston Marathon.  Now, many movements later, and specifically Title IX, women in sports is not only common, but also celebrated.

“Girlington” is name I coined about ten years ago when I was living in Burlington and needed a Vermont City Marathon team name.  I was in awe of how many beautiful, strong, and dedicated women, I was always surrounded by.  And, it goes without saying, ‘Girlington’ is true to form.  Burlington and beyond, there are so many amazing women in Vermont who are committed to making this state better and better each year, and, for this reason… I am dedicating tomorrow’s section of the Long Trail to all the ladies.  Here’s to the women of Vermont!  May we continue to move forward and may our work be a catalyst for change.  (photos to follow taken by the amazing Lisa Boege!)