Half way there!!

As of yesterday, August 12th, I have completed 137.6 miles of the Long Trail.  The rest of the ‘Run Plan’ is updated, and, we are ready to finish up on Labor Day, September 3rd, 2012!!  Most of the next 100 miles of the Long Trail will be done out of sequence due to rides, time available, etc.  The last leg, from Johnson to Journey’s End will take place over Labor Day weekend.

Someone recently asked me how I was feeling, after having run this far, and, continue to work 3, 12 hour night shifts a week.  Honestly, I feel great.  Of course, I have had some days when fatigue gets the better of me, and, my legs have had more than their fair share of bumps and bruises (trail running is not always gentle), however, I feel, overall, rejuvenated.  While out on the trail, whether running through the forest, taking a snack break on a ledge, or, cooling off in a stream -it continues to be about the journey and not the destination.  I guess keeping that frame of reference is what makes it attainable.  So, here is to the second half…